Monday, August 20, 2012

  The most wanted costumes of  


at The Carreno Dance Festival  


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Benefis Ballet Costumes Company proudly supports The Carreno Dance Festival

The strength of rising generation of young artists and the knowledge of experienced performers joined by the art of dance in one single place – The Carreno Dance Festival.  

From 5th till 25th of August 2012, more than 120 participants will be part of Carreno Dance Festival, one of the most famous dance festivals in the world.
This year Benefis Ballet Costumes Company proudly supports the festival and the generation of young artists to follow their dreams and goals. Since the very establishment, Benefis tried to offer the best high-quality costumes for professional dancers, but also to support the young generation at festivals and competitions. This time, the Company is honored to support one of the most upcoming events of the year-The Carreno Dance Festival.    
The mission of the festival is to promote the art through performances by dance luminaries that showcase of variety of styles, inspire pre-professionals dancers by renowned artists and to educate both young people and the community at large about the positive effects of dance.  
Also, Benefis Company will participate at the festival exhibition where the best costumes of the company will be presented.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The tutus you were waiting for …

For 18 years we produce professional ballet tutus, ballet, festivals and carnivals costumes. How much strength and hard work the performers invest in their dance, as much care and passion we put into our costumes. Each performer is special for us and our craftsmen try to bring the best for them. 

Thus, with great pride we announce that our craftsmen have developed 2 special items: a NEW lightweight basic tutu, made of lighter fabric and consisting of eight layers and a Rehearsal Umbrella Shaped Tutu!

Check the following links on our website to view the items:

We also REMIND you that our up to 50 % discounts for limited ready-made products is available till 31 of July 2012.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

About us...

The company "Benefis" was founded in 1995.
The founder of the company is Terentieva Tatiana, in the past a ballet-dancer and now the owner of the company. The shop and the office of the company are located in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova. "Benefis" is the only producer of ballet wear, shoes and stage costumes in its country.

The co-owners of the company are the son of Tatiana Terentieva, Alexei Terentiev and his wife Cristina Terentieva, professional leading ballet artists, who combine the career with family business. They perform in the woderful costumes of "Benefis" Company – this may be seen on their personal site
From the very beginning of its activity the company provides for customers high quality costumes at a very attractive prices. The main line of company’s activity is producing elegant ballet tutus and stage costumes, which are sewed in the most refined and classical traditions. Also, a large choice of stage, theatrical and carnival costumes can be provided by the Company.

The company’s staff includes specialists in the field of professional stage ballet costumes, rehearsal ballet wear and dance shoes creation. Contributing their heart and soul in the delicate hand work, the seamstresses of "Benefis" create real masterpieces, embodying wonderful ideas of designers according to the classical traditions.

During the period of activity the company acquired a lot of permanent customers, partners and representatives in many countries – USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and all over the Europe. The company collaborates succesfully with theaters, ballet schools and dancewear shops all over the world.

A new season of dance classes will start soon! Are you ready to be challenged?

Dance is the art of expressing feelings and emotions in an extraordinary way. We think that a successful presentation depends on the hard work of the performer, his dedication and talent, but also on other details which makes the performer feel and look confident on the stage.

One of these details is the stage costume...

BENEFIS Company is a well-known producer of professional ballet tutus, theatric, carnival and ballroom costumes. For years we produce high-quality costumes for professional and amateur dancers around the world.Our products are known for their unique style, high-quality and attractive price. 

We are glad to inform you that this month we have a special offer! Benefis Company offers up to 50 % discounts for ready-made products. Try on the best costumes produced by professionals at the lowest price ever!

Please check our official website for details: